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The Santa Barbara County
Child Care Planning Council

The Council

Every county in California has a state mandated Child Care Planning Council funded by the California Department of Education. The Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council operates under the authority of the County Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools. The overarching responsibility of the Council is for planning and coordinating early care and education* services in Santa Barbara County. Specific responsibilities include establishing local priorities for state funded early care and education expansion, completing a needs assessment of early care and education every 5 years and developing a countywide strategic plan for early care and education.

Vision Statement

We envision a community that values all children and their families.

Mission Statement

We lead and collaborate in planning, coordinating and advocating for quality, affordable, accessible, early care and education for all children and families in Santa Barbara County.

High Quality Early Care and Education Statement

High quality early care and education supports all children’s learning and development in a safe, engaging environment where caring relationships are fostered and qualified professionals partner with families.

Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council, May 2010

*Throughout the professional community concerned with the care and education of young children, the term early care and education is used synonymously with child care. This terminology has been adopted in recent years to ensure that it is clearly understood that any program caring for children plays a critical role in the children’s education. The term encompasses all children from 0-12 years and children with special needs to 18 years.

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